About Us

Is there anything better than a wet nose and a wagging tail? We don’t think so, and that’s why we love providing pet concierge services for weddings, engagements, and all of life’s other social events. We focus on caring for your pet during your event so you can focus on your friends and family. And when you’re ready for photos with your pup (or a big wet kiss), our team will hand over the leash and fade into the background. And when you’re ready, just hand back the leash and get back to toasting, laughing, dancing, or whatever else makes your tail wag.

Each of our team members has years of experience handling and caring for canine companions. We’re a company created by pet owners for pet owners, and we recognize the importance of forming life-long memories with your furry friend (or friends) by your side. In other words, you can trust us to take pawsitively excellent care of your pup on your wedding day, engagement, or any other special occasion!

Meet Lily Garland

With a legal name of Lily Garland, it’s no wonder she became a florist.

Lily has a long history of merging creative and business skill sets, so becoming a floral designer was a perfect fit! Lily graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania with degrees in Economics and Studio Art. After graduating, she attended the Long Beach City College Floral Design program to perfect her skillset. In 2018, she started her business in Southern California through friends, family, and word of mouth doing everyday deliveries. She quickly found her passion for the events business. Lily has a unique ability to help people’s vision come to life and creating lifelong memories.

Prior to starting Flowers by Lily Garland, Lily has an established history of entrepreneurial endeavors and working in sales management positions for startups. Lily started her career working in marketing for large brands like Disney and Belkin.

Like many of her former clients, Lily is recently married and is happily raising her Goldendoodle, Huckleberry (named for a popular floral greenery in the pacific northwest). Lily caught the travel bug at an early age and jokes that she was raised on an airplane. In her spare time, you can find Lily traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest and internationally, playing volleyball, attending workout classes or gardening in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

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